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200th Heavy Bombardment Group (virtual)
8th Air Force
United States Army Air Forces

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207th Bomb Squadron, 200BG patch
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228th Bomb Squadron, 200BG patch

Mission 18
German V-1, V-2 research facilities at Peenemunde, Germany
12 Sept 1943
(due 15 January 2006)

As we all know London is taking a pounding from the V-1 rockets out of northern France. Many hundreds of civilians are being killed by these indiscriminate weapons of destruction. It is our understanding that all this knowledge is being developed and tested in Peenemunde, Germany. It is vital to the continued success of our war effort that these facilities be destroyed. We understand that slave labor is being used in this work as well and even though they are innocent as well, we must hit everything around this area to ensure we do enough damage to the research that it gives our Allies a break. Bomb everything in Peenemunde. It will be a long mission, one of the longest we have undertaken. But it is vital to our effort. The structures are hardened so only direct hits will do significant damage. Our P38s can only cover us so far. So stay alert. Various other groups will be attacking targets in occupied Europe as well so we are hoping to slip in unnoticed until it is to late for the enemy to effectively respond. Good luck.

Primary Target: rocket research and launch facilities
Secondary Target: anything in Germany

Weather over Base: 4/10 cloud cover (Fair)
Weather over Target: 4/10 cloud cover (Fair)
(Remember the +1 on Table O-6 because we are B-24s)
Expected Flak: medium flak over target
SPECIAL: ***see special notes below ***


ZONE 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Flight Log Gazetteer

  2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
-2 W -1 W -1 W -1 W -1 W -1 W -1 W -1 W -0 G -0 W -0 G
-3 W -2 W -2 W -2 W -1 W -1 W -1 W -1 W -0 G -0 W +1 G

W = water    F = France   G = Germany   B = Belgium   N = Netherlands 

Light on table C on B-3 (Rev) 08/42 - 09/43  
SPECIAL NOTES: Because of the nature of this target and mission:
1. If you are ON TARGET on table O-6 with your bomb drop, report only HALF the percent damage to the target on table O-7. (for example, if you were on target and rolled a 7 on table O-7 report only 20% damage.)
2. If you are OFF TARGET on table O-6 with your bomb drop, report as OFF TARGET but use the ON TARGET table O-7 for damage. (for example, if you were off target and rolled a 7 on table O-7 report off target but with 40% damage.)

(reasoning, slave quarters were scattered thru the area and although bomber crews were instructed not to aim for these areas, hitting them did not hurt the mission results as losses to the labor actually hurt the production of the facility and was acceptable to higher commands... such is the nature of horrible world wars...)


+1 to B-1 roll
b24topsm.gif (2045 bytes)
Weasel God

Steel Rain II

b24topsm.gif (2045 bytes)

b24topsm.gif (2045 bytes)
Shoot Him!

Bad Hare Day II

Mail Carrier

(tail end charlie)


-1 to B-1 roll
b24topsm.gif (2045 bytes)
Satan's Little Sister

(Lead plane)
b24topsm.gif (2045 bytes)
Secret Agent

b24topsm.gif (2045 bytes)
Reich Buster

b24topsm.gif (2045 bytes)
Terri G II

Aces High

Shot down
(interred in Sweden)
Special Delivery

Abort/Shot down


+0 to B-1 roll
b24topsm.gif (2045 bytes)
Flying Buffalo III

b24topsm.gif (2045 bytes)
Peggy Sue

b24topsm.gif (2045 bytes)
Harriet's Chariot

b24topsm.gif (2045 bytes)
Bobbi Jo's Boys II

b24topsm.gif (2045 bytes)
Dixie Jean

b24topsm.gif (2045 bytes)
Sacramento Sue




Mission 18 - Peenemunde, Germany

HARRIET'S CHARIOT (Klippert crew)
Thank Heaven for the new H model! Take off and assembly went fine. We were hit over the North Sea By Fw 190's- our nose gunner shot down 2 in the next 30 minutes. Over Denmark the fighters eased off a bit, then swarmed all over us all the way to the target and back to the North Sea. During this running gunfight our top turret gunner shot down 4 E/A, - an FW190 and 3 ME109's! Our tail gunner also shot down a 110 trying to sneak up and launch rockets on us. We got hit also---the fighters tore up both our wings, almost severing the Starboard wing root, shooting out the flap and aileron, also hitting the port wing and filling it full of holes. Both Rudder empennages took hits, and the auto pilot was shot out. The tail oxy also took a hit. Flak filled us with holes all over the fusalage, but somehow no-one was hit or any serious damage done. We were off target--we hit a group of buildings that was about a mile away from the target area. When we landed we discovered that our port brakes were out. The crew chief says we have 150 damage points.

SHOOT HIM! (Redd crew)
Middle of the North Sea, we got jumped by four 109s. By the time we drove them off, the bombardier and navigator oxygen systems were kaput. (And that after Arthur and Fox had put out an oxygen fire.) With a jillion zones to go, I killed a school of mackerel and headed for home.
Crew Chief Report:
Replace entire nose oxygen system, plus miscellaneous holes around the forward part of the aircraft. (65 Peckham Points)

SPECIAL DELIVERY (Brainard crew)
The tail end plane of the lead squadron was seen to turn for home trailing smoke after coming under heavy enemy attack. At least one JU-88 made some positive hits on the plane. The plane had 95221 on the tail. I assigned LT Jimmers section to try to cover it back. They reported that it failed to respond to radio calls and turned for the coastline. The plane was seen to go down over the land. At least 6 chutes were seen.
Reported by CPT Elvergen
P-38 flight leader

PEGGY SUE (O'Conner crew)
That was a damned nightmare! Don't ask me to do that again. Ever.We got bounced over the North Sea by a bunch of 109s, one of which pinged my new nose gunner. Nothing serious, just a bit of metal in the calf. Thank God for Kilpatrick in the top turret, though. he got five of the little bastards all told. If it wasn't for him, who knows what would have happened. We missed the main target, but or eggs seemed to hit surrounding buldings pretty damned near spot on. Turing away from the target though saw a whole bunch of Krauts hit us. We lost the bomb bay doors, our wing root on the starboard side took a 20mm cannon shell and the instruments were shattered. We couldn't lowe the gear, and we sweated it out all the way back. With the bomb doors US, it was touch and go if we'd flip on landing. Over England, we waited for the others to go in before trying to land. I ordered the crew - co-pilot aside - to bail out, as I couldn't guarantee thir safety. Sweeney and I put her down soft as a feather, though, and the crew chief says she'll be fine by the next trip.

BAD HARE DAY II (Roberts crew)
You have got to be joking. We landed with 8 bursts of ammo left on the starboard waist gun and 2 bursts left on the tunnel gun. The rest had been shifted around the plane so much that the rounds had more miles on them than the airframe. We were kept fairly busy on the way out by our friends in the FliegerKorp. You know the guys, the Hermann Goering fan club.

The flak missed us over the target but then some jerk-off tried to park his plane inside ours and we just missed the moron (Random Events - Mid Air!!). We got a solid bomb run in and hit the target well (60/2 = 30%). We then turned for home. If I'd known then what was going to happen, I would have told the crew to get the hell out the bird there and then.

The nav got himself in the way of a Christmas present from Herr Krupps and friends and had to lie down for a bit. Turned out to be a damn long lie down. Like eternal. We got to spend 2 turns per zone after that. The pilot picked up 2 light wounds. The engineer got a bad one in the chest but the quacks say he's gonna pull through and be back on the flight line sometime soon. The radio op got smeared all to hell in the top turret. His radio got shot to hell in zone 3 outbound anyway so he'd being doing stuff all. The waist gunner got a nick.

I am not going to give a blow-by-blow account of our joyful exodus from krautland but will give a quick summary. The bombardier, tunnel gunner and engineer all made ace status on this one mission. The guns need to be re-barrelled, the oil tanks need to be replaced as only the rubber is holding them together from all the self-seals, the radio and intercoms are screwed - what's left of them that is, 2 oxygen fires and 3 oxygen stations U/S, the port wing root got hit, the starboard wing root got 2 hits (was somewhat bloody concerned with this one!), the starboard rudder and flaps were U/S, the port aileron was U/S, the port empennage got hit, the rafts were shredded, the heat in the butt end of the crate was out, and the control cables got hit.

The number of superficials was starting to become a joke. We could have used any part of the airframe to strain limey tea. The good ole Peckham's just kept on racking up. Considering the number of times we got hit, it's a miracle we got home never mind being mostly alive and unscratched.

Now to get my 2 scratches dressed and hit the O-Club before I hit the genius who dreamt up this little ride through hell.

MAIL CARRIER (Post crew)
What is there to say? We survived but only through the grace of God. Tail end charlie? We should only have to do that position one time.. ever! Crew chief says 306 points of damage and it will take several days to repair our bird. And they may not want to! I dont even recall everything that happened. It just happened, and kept on happening! From the beginning of the mission to the end, we fought and fought and fought. Yeah, we hit the target for all you bean counters. My bombardier suffered a light wound somewhere in that time. We shot down a lot of enemies even though our tail and nose guns were out. My crew did a wonderful job. We all kept each other alive. According to the chief our major damage was nose and tail guns out, oxygen fire damage in the nose, heat out in the nose, #3 engine shot to hell, intercom system gone, 2 port wing root hits to go along with 2 starboard wing root hits, windscreens destroyed, bomb bay release destroyed, rafts destroyed, both wing ailerons were damaged, and more superficial holes than they cared to count. We need a drink...

At about 400 miles from the base, outbound to the target, we took intercom damage and many wing hits. My co-pilot and I talked about aborting and after conferring with Captain Haygood in Weasel God he advised us to turn around and abort. We salvoed our bombs and turned for home. We got jumped by several krauts on the way back but nothing we couldn't handle. I hated turning around but with the intercom out we would have been easier meat for the Luftwaffe as our .50s would have not been as effective.

STEEL RAIN II (BHaygood crew)
Lots of enemies. Lots of flak. Lots of everything but friendly fighter cover. We were doing ok until about 100 miles from the target. We lost our #1 engine to enemy fire and we had to jettison our load. At least we hit German land if nothing else. We stayed with the formation over the target trying to help keep fighters off others in the group. It wasn't a noble thought, just it was safer for us as well. We did our share either way. We will be posting a huge kill tally on our bird after they spend a lot of time patching her up. My bombardier took a severe leg wound and will be going home, lucky bastard. My navigator unfortunately was not so lucky and we will be shipping him home in pieces. 162 damage points sustained.


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