Mighty Eighth!200th Heavy Bombardment Group (virtual)
8th Air Force
United States Army Air Forces

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1. We will be using the damage point table to determine when aircraft become unservicable due to damage. Report damage after a mission as less than 200 points, between 200 and 400 points, and over 400 points. Our valiant ground crews will do their best to keep our planes flying but the more damage the Luftwaffe do the more chance the plane will become unservicable over time.

2 We are using the Variant Fighter Attacks charts that revise B-3 to fit a more historical effort by the Luftwaffe.

3. We will be using the wound location chart to determine what wounds our crews took in the mission. Allows some semblance of role-playing if desired.

4. The Abbeville Kids (JG26) make an appearance in our missions. They were a much respected group of Luftwaffe aircrew stationed in Northern France and the Netherlands.

5. The Luftwaffe tried everything humanly possible to stop the strategic bombardment of occupied Europe. As the war progressed they brought up specific versions of airplanes designed to just shoot down heavy bombers. The Smashers were these planes and they are the bane of bomber crews everywhere.

6. Mission charts - lovely work made by George Martin of the UK to help you along with your mission flow. 207th  214th  221st  228th
Thanks George!

7. We will be having some missions in North Africa. While in North Africa, the following charts replace G-6, G-7, G-8 (G-8a), G-10 and O-3. Thanks to Art for completing these for us.

8. Here are mission maps for our North Africa missions. Thanks to the Wargamer for these.

9. Operation Tidal Wave: Ploesti. Get the special mission rules (MS_Word) and battle boards here (MS_Powerpoint). Thanks to Kenneth Rice for his great work!

10. If you get shot down, any surviving crewmen that get captured go to Stalag Luft 7c for interment until the war's end. Send crewmen names to Richard Bossi for processing.

You can see more variants of this fine game at http://www.70thhistoricalsociety.org/b17/Modifications/variants.htm

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